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Globe Life Field


Retractable mound system still holding strong
November 2023

Congratulations to the Texas Ranges on their first World Series championship in franchise history. We're proud to see the retractable mound system holding strong!

“Esto Retractable, LLC defines its business approach as helping to afford the ability to change any baseball venue while preserving the unique structure of the pitcher’s mound, with a conversion process of hours and not days, ultimately giving facility ownership other opportunities to generate revenue and increase demographic attraction.

Esto Retractable provides a unique pitching mound platform that has been a significant asset to managing our new field / stadium at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. The functionality and effortless ability to raise and lower our pitching mound has given our groundskeeping crew flexibility to maintain and uphold our field standards, the standards that our players appreciate and have come to expect. This product allows Ownership (the City of Arlington) and management the ability to incorporate alternate events outside of baseball, (concerts, graduations, rodeos, etc.), all without disruption of our baseball operations and allowing for a quick turn-around time in between events with minimal labor or costs. Esto Retractable also provides incredible service and offers a product that not only offers longevity, but also allows for easy maintenance of one of the most important aspects of any ballpark: the pitchers mound. I highly recommend this product to any ballparks looking to maximize utilization of their facility at any level!”

- Dennis Klein

Director: Major League Grounds, Texas Rangers

Globe Life Field, Arlington, Texas

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